Which location do I place my order with?

Use the map(s) to locate which delivery area you fall under.  Place your order with the correct online website.

Why can’t I place my order over the phone?

We don’t have the bandwidth to handle delivery requests over the phone.  By having it done online, we make sure that there’s no errors on our end in taking down your important information.

When will I get my food?

We deliver all our orders ASAP (unless specified in the special instructions).  We do our best to get your food to you by the time slot you selected, certain factors such as bad weather, game day/art fair traffic, etc. may cause delays.

Why is the earliest delivery time available more than an hour from now?

The GoMobo/OLO delivery system works in 15 minute time blocks.  Each time block can only accommodate so many orders, so once it is filled, that time block is no longer available and you can select the next available one.

Can I pay cash for my order?

No, for the safety of our drivers, we only accept credit card payment.

Is there a delivery fee?

Yes, there is a $3.00 delivery fee for all orders, with a minimum order amount of $8.00 (East Lansing: $3.50 fee / $10.00 minimum order).

Can I use my No Thai! loyalty card to earn points on delivery orders?

No Thai! cards are only redeemable in person at the store, as it states on the back of the card. GoMobo/OLO is a third-party service, so it’s not possible for them to be able to redeem points or cash from our cards. Sorry about that.

How do I cancel my order or request a refund?

If you need to cancel your order, please contact the restaurant ASAP. If we have not made your food we will gladly cancel the order.

If you are unsatisfied with your delivered order, please call the specific location you ordered from. You can also go to our contact page and write a message.

Kerrytown: 734.213.0808 | Plymouth Rd: 734.663.8080 | East Lansing: 517.336.5555

Delivery Locations